Damn shits.

i've been single for
like almost 2 years now
and i need a clear explanation,
on why,
must i have a partner when
i'm doing alright by myself?

seriously though.

i have friends,and lots of them
are already in a relationship
but most of my good friends,
and prettier than i am,
are like single for no specific reason.
You may ask why?
Cause we're cool.

pffft oh hell yeah.
It's simple.
we're not those type 
of people who,
may i say,
desperate? ummm. no.
cheap? well,almost.
too hot?

I value my heart,you dumbshit.
I don't love people like
I just met two days ago
and go crazy because I look
easy and shit.
couple today,break off tomorrow.
Then day after,new partner.
what the fuck are you doing?

You think your some kind of a hot stuff
or something?
Cause seriously though 
I find it amusing :\
and I can't help thinking
"sluts these days..."

That one is for being cheap,
now this one,
I have no other reasons to give two fucks for you,
Yes,you home wrecker
you piece of shit.
Acting all bitchy and stuff for messing
people who are already in a commitment.

Basically,i hate sluts.
no matter what gender you are but if
you are similar to what i
just described above,
for breaking other people's fragile heart,
Fuck you.


my parents just got home last night.
was super super happy :D
but then,
just as mum step in the house.
she scold me.
"why is the floor look dirty?"
"what's with this pile of cloths?"
"you know we're coming,why didn't clean the house?"

i DID,mum.
it's not like i can help it
since your son keep making a mess
each time he's home.
that rascal.
LIPAT BAJU YA! Agik asa kau.

Enough mumbling.
finally,mum bought what i wanted.
Lots and lots and lotssssss of 'em.
i'm in total heaven :'D
Thanks mum,and dad 'fcourse.
You guys came home safely,with nenek.
Last night was one of my best sleep ever.
Heee,never thought I would woke up
at 5 pm.
Heeeeee :D

nomnomnom :3

home alone 5. i guess.

This is the..
5th day i'm home without my parents.
Yes ya'll.
i'm still ALIVE.

and i can't sleep in peace ever since Q__Q
my mum went to Brunei on the 2th Dec,
along with her sisters to visit one of their sibling.
Heard my cousin is about to deliver her baby :D
chulkahaeee *lolkoreafail*
meanwhile my father,on the other hand,
went to Mukah,alone,have some things to do with his siblings.
it is left me with my brother home.

...is what you think i'm gonna say right?
fuck that shit HELL NO.

i'm bored like so damn bored.
why? because my dad use the car and bring it along.
and the other car is solely a property of
my brother now.
Even though i can use it, (well,i am the older sister,brahh)
it's manual. and that car's OLD.
i don't wanna risk my life.

However,because of these situation
where i have no transportation of myself whatsoever,
my brother,a.k.a my servant,
will have to serve my need as my driver.
But still,he'a part-timer at night
and the only time he's available of
becoming my driver is evening.

ma and pa hurry come back.
i need the car >:\
and i'm tired being a temporary "housewife".
Seriously,that dude think he's an artist or whatnot??
Changing clothes each morning,afternoon,evening and freaking night.
I'm not your maid,idiot >:|

And of course,i miss youuuu mum and dad.
Ma! Buy me some chocolates ahh.
Brunei got some really realllly good chocolates :D
Ouhaiii. time to go.


it's soooo cozy and comfy!
i need to think of some good ideas of what to put into my blog.
well,i get to drive the car.
and that's pleasant.
and i get to eat what i've been carving to eat.
and that's unpleasant lol.
#haven't been home for a week yet i gain weight fast. ohmyohmy.
just enjoying my holidays home,
i feel so fresh and alive :)
i love home.

dreaming for a house like this. YAWWW  

i'm coming HOME :D

oyeahh. I'm waiting for this ((:

its been 2 years (:

i'm happy (:
when that time finally comes.
when my heart truly ready to open up,
it will find its way to search the other one.
when that time does come,
please oh please brain don't screw it up >_<

i'm waiting for Four-Eyes hehe.

goodbye baby :)

i don't know why.
i keep thinking about you recently.
each and everyday since the first time i saw you,
i keep wanting to see you.
to find you.
you're like a mystery ya know?
invincible yet noticeable.
i can't help feeling your silent aura.
and each time you pass by,
i can't dare myself for a double take.
you're too good for a teenage look.
i might make myself sound like a stalker,
but honestly.
my days of seeing you can be count with both hands
during this whole semester.
i don't care if you don't know me,
nor you have a girlfriend.
i just want to know one thing.
your name.
because your name means everything for
my desire to know you deeper.

next semester,if i am able to find you,
this time,no more running away.
i WILL ask you your name,
the one i've been wanting to know since
day first (:

never an end (:

it's finally here guys.
what we've started has finally come to its end.
Semester 1 has finished
and slowly,
one by one of us are going home.
From the start,
we slowly get to know each other,
the ups and downs we face each and everyday together.
The small misunderstandings and upsets,
all of this build up lots of sweet memories among us.

From the beginning,
i always thought that i will and always will be an outsider.
My appearance,my race,especially my place
is different from you guys.
The thought of you guys mocking and bullying me
always came across my mind before i came here.
(and truthfully after,too.)

i was wrong.
you guys are one of the best people i've met here.
you guys took good care of me,
even though sometimes i tend to disappear a lot :P
although i'm a lot different than you guys,
you see me as i am.
Accept me as i is.
i appreciate that a lot.
Because of you guys,i feel safe.
I'm so far away from home,
and my needs for attention is desirably high.
Because of you guys,i never felt alone (:

Sheerin Yaa ( Eeyin ) : the PERASAN one.
Nurul Hidayah ( Eydaa ) : the BISING one.
Ainnin Sophia ( Sopia ) : the PAMPER one.
Athira ( Tyra ) : the SILENT one.
Nur Ellina ( Ell ) : the CRAZY one.
me? : the COOLEST one. kahkahkah tipu jer. kot :P

sumpah cakap,aku taknak tuka org next sem :<
lets stick together kay?
Walaupun maybe we all are not in the same course and sections next year,
we will always remember each other :')
i love you guys to infinity and beyond 


in study mode.
enuff' said.
i'm busy busy busy :D

what she said >:P
padahal salu ada jak kelua kahkah.
chiow :>


wordless. enjoy my talkshow pics.

my adorable Siti a.k.a Victoria haha.

i'm sexy and i KNOW it >:D

lovin those heels :*

my precious Miss (:

i need pics.

i need pics
for this post.
it won't be fun if i don't put pretty pics right?
am i'm not in the mood of talking bout it
without pics either.
wait for my next post >:O

can i?

i wanna know your name.
i seriously wanna know your name :'(

donate blood.

my first time EVAH.
lebam babi punya besar and terang.

ahhhh :'O

never thought that nawaitu ikhlas
i to donate blood
gives me an opposite side effect.
i thought my blood pressure wasn't that low.
but it IS that that low :'<
mum scolded me.
she told me to NEVER donate blood again.

for the person who will receive my A type blood,
use it well :)
saya ikhlas bagi kat awak tau hehe.

hee (:

yesterday was fun!
thank you Ajim and Vincent for yesterday.
i love it so much,although i look boring and stuff.
(what can you expect from a lonely girl walking w/o her gfriends?)
and thanks Ajim for the Sushi King treat :D
and met that Syamsul Yusof(?) person lol.
sitting just the next table with us.
he's hot,but cocky :/

They played bowling ( i just sat and watch :>) and then walk around
go to Low Yat.
yes,its was freakin raining. no not freakin.
just raining droplets but still. it RAINED.
and i had headache the rest of the time.
dh la at Low Yat so many people,got my headache,
makin penin :(

then went to Sungei Wang kejap.
my headache disappeared :D
shoes and shoes and hello kitties

Anyhow,i had fun. Really (:
Thanks guys! muahmuah :D

all's well end's well.

after a week of silent and cold
we've made out together.
Everything has been settled with hardship and tears.
Fortunately,I've seen this kind of situation so the impact isn't much.
haha :P

Hoping after this NO MORE BULLSHITS and FUCKING FRAUD and of course


malam 8/9/2011.
nang malam sial for them.
not us.
what ever you do,

last2 dirik mpun yg malu.
agik asa.
malu lari.
nang pandey.
mudah mudahan pangey takorg pa sial ya
di tauk org.
lek lok.
takorg ya sabes mike org support.
support babiiii takorg.
nangggg gik asa.

aku mok cepat2 klua dari rumah tok
sak ku x nemu agik muka babi tak 2 ekok ya.
nak sorang pun SAMA jak pangey.
tiga2 muka dak tayar,
eihh geram.

back to college -_-

so i didn't wish raya.
so what?
its not like iyou care.
my raya sucks anyway
so shut up. -__-


back to topic.
this monday i'll be going back to college.
yes,life's cycling itself again.
happiness doesn't stay long.
in fact.
my happiness has long gone.
derr :|
and so i've set a mission in my mind.
i'm gonna TRY make myself
visible to the spectacle guy and
TRY to greet him if i can.
IF i can la.
just wish me luck :/

and i haven't done my 3 fucking assignments yet.
yay me :D
gotta go now.
malas bh tulis panjang2. letih :/

just a dream.

i was thinking bout HIM,
thinking bout me,
thinking bout US,
what we gonna be
open my eyes
hoping you're not a DREAM..

i've been like this ever since the last time i met that unknown guy.
the tall-spectacle eyes-nice figure guy.
(duhhh i won't be thinking bout him if his physical were like my 16 y.o bro -_-)

i even made a statement in my facebook that,
if i ever meet him again
i'll try to ask his name.
the LEAST.
his silhouette really stuck in my mind.
yet i don't even know what he looks like.
haissss :/

pray next time i WON'T be seeing him
cause i know i might just pass him by like a boss stranger.
hee (:

i wanna tell him (:

sincerely, me.

i miss them :(

only a few days left for raya.
and here i am
still typing this blog and sitting
reading my notes for exam tomo.
i'm not coming home.

i wanna go home.
i wanna see my family.
i wanna see my friends.
i want THEM.

i'm speechless for now.
thank God tinggal 1 exam jak.
wish me luck dears.

bits of me (:

Eydaa and Sophie (:

my beloved housies <3

charlie's angels? LOL.

happy birthday Tyra :D

I wasn't there at that time ): so rugi of me.

my classies! Aan, Nana, Dee, and some person.

Ell, Sophie, Tyra and Lila-> ex housie. How darest you, Lila >:(

With Sheerin YAAAAA and again, some chinese looking girl.

aaaaa. oops? :>

The 2nd day of Ramadhan I made my "statement". I'm a muslim,dammit >:/

waiting for breaking fast at Jusco :D

Ell's selca. Lololol at the gray girl. BAHHH.

Beloving mama and cousin, Emma :D

more pics of my life to come, SOON :D
chiow bebeh muahmuah!

LIKE this (:

Thanks alot Petty!
i really REALLY love this post
and i somehow want to be like this.

it's hard nowadays,
always relying on others
and hoping people do things for
and vice versa.

i want my independence.


now i'm feeling what my
mum usually feels.
i miss her.
i miss home.
i miss my relatives.
my friends.
and of course,
my sweet hometown.

i'm so sorry loves,
i can't go back for now )':
its not that i don't want to
but i can't.

but don't you guys worry
i'll be fine here
and i'll take extra extra care of myself.
i'm not gonna repeat the same mistakes
i've done before.
if i have to become a loner
for me to protect myself from misunderstands and troubles,
i WILL do it.
i'm not afraid.
i have my faith to keep going on.
people who afraid losses lots of things.

it's not that i want to be anti-social,
you just have to understand my situation.
i don't trust people no matter how close i am to them.
unless i've known you for more than i could remember.

thank God i'm blessed with nice people.
and i hope these nice people won't
turn their back on me because,
i NEED you guys to guide me
in this unfamiliar place )':
i beg of you.

thank you.


2 weeks i haven't go back.
cousins are asking when will i
back home.
sabar keyhhhh hehehe :D
this week was awsume!
5 people at home feels kinda nice sometimes hehe (:

it's RAMADHAN (':

it's been a month already i'm here.
mum has gone back hometown.
quite sad actually.
but what can i do?
my job here is to make the best out of my life.
my last mission before
i could finally make my parents happy and proud (:

it's already the fasting month!
and i haven't update my baby for quite a while.

like seriously,
it doesn't feel like ramadhan at all -_-
i have to say
this place is very...
just yesterday i ate and
laugh like a mad person
and suddenly today
i became some quiet girl-next-door.
very unusual haha.

but still i manage to fulfill today's...
today. haa.
( is that even english? )
nevertheless it's good and
the bazaar was nice and such.
except the bazaar was unexpectedly small :/
hmm. x cukup bajet.

i met my A.N today weeeeee xD
actually i see him every week but today was
quite a lot that usual.
hehehehe :P

unfortunately my points
for A.N have decreased :'(
why baby, why? erggh.
not all man is perfect,Lysa.
(kau ya pemileh glak >.>)

right now people are solat terawih and
me instead writing craps about my guy -___-
well,girls never learn ;D
hehehehe <3

p/s : i miss you mama :') 
and my hubby cat Adot finally came back home! awww :'D

i'm lovin it (:

syukur sangat2 pada Tuhan yang Esa
sbb aku memilih jalan yg AGAK betul :P

the reason i'm lovin it?
i love English.
my classmates are nice.
my housemates rocks! iloveyoualls.
my lecturers are very nice (:
i live in a city bahaha.

i don't mind elaborating about my lifestyle or whatnot
 but i'm just not the explaining type of person.
i'll post what i find is interesting hehe.

p/s : A.N so damn HOT 

permulaan :)

cam best jak kelas aku doh haha.
it's been a week
i've started my class
and so far is sooo damn good.
well,for now.
i love my course so much
cause i get to use English as many as i want
without looking like a freak
talking foreign to my classmates.
and yes my classmates do rock,too :D

meet Zee and Dila :)

haha Alin what are you doing?

si Kiki and Syira yg comel :D

i'll insert a bit bout how my college looks like
and some details i've already said in my
previous post. cekidaut ya'all haha. lol.

and my roommate,Eydaa hehe :D the free hair one lah.

twija juak aku tek nak masok haha xD



i was like.
this college is like an office!
the building looks so unlike a college haha.
i loike :))
with the orange-ish and gray-ish colour,the building looks like a complex lol -_-

anyways,on to the orientation week.
only 4 days i tell ya!
including registration day hahaha.
it was quite fun,like the usual orientation and the seniors are nicey
and sweet. -and cute ehem2- 
this year marks the first time for KPTM to receive over 1500 intakes!
wow i'm quite surprise really and not many TESL students,more to HR.
i spot some cute hunks too AHAAAA oh so me ;)
what's more interesting is that the great me,the ONLY sole sarawak student among them!
HAHH pecah rekod KPTM nerimak student sawak thanks to me.

the hostel,my GAWD the hostel is so quite very far :/
we have to use taxi to go to college
but you can use on feet to,it took about 15 mins.
its soooo tiring urggh. my feet feels loose :'(
but it's good,in a positive way aite?
ya know what i mean *winkwink*

my house consist of 3 rooms,3 shower rooms 
and a big study space w/ tables and chairs.
and a balcony haha :D
my house is on the third floor,right in front of the stairs.
lucky me my room only need 2 people weee :3
the others are 4.
me and my housemates get along quite well lol 
since all of us are strangers to each other
even our language barrier seems thin.
i like them :))

oh so tired. dah lah. later on i'll chit chat again bout my college life. badan kepak :'<

new place.

i'm in the middle of one of 
the busiest city in malaysia ever.
yes ya'll.
i can't believe i'm finally here.
just yesterday i play the net inside my room
playing with my beloved stray cats Adot and Aneng
and most importantly,my home.

thank Goodness my mom came along
so my worries are quite less.
hopefully i cam adapt to this place quickly.
and no stupid people asking bout stupid questions.
i fucking hate racist.

more post next time. wanna go down stairs and see whats up.
chiow :)

my hometown.

alright. i was surveying my Facebook
and then suddenly my notification brighten
(yes i is currently a loner -__-)
it turns out to be 
an update from one of my friend's
(credits goes to you,hun *muahmuah*)
about my sweet hometown sarawak :3
yes people, my SUH-RAW-ACK for those who can't read >:/
her latest entry interested me a lot
and i can't agree enough with her.

i have been thinking about this
for a long time since wayyy back when i was 13.
yes people,i am a deep and unforgotten thinker.
or as sarawakians say it, ITOK.
i notice that they always
came up asking the same question over and over.
here are some random question we often get
and MY (later) answers for them.

"datang pakai ape?"

we used jet skis and cruises. wtf is a plane?

"tinggal atas pokok ke?"

uhhh no. we don't have houses. only hotels.

"pernah makan burger tak?"

i bet you never taste fish.

"pandai cakap melayu tak?"

pardon me,is that even ENGLISH?

"pernah datang cni tak?(peninsular)"

nope. i've only been to overseas and this place is so damn HOT >:/

"orang sarawak pakai cawat eh?"

erhhh aren't those what women uses on particular days? -_-

"orang sarawak cantik2 lah."
(i've heard this myself and was quite satiesfied wahaha x)

so that's its. i wonder what adventures i'll be facing later woohooo :D

it's getting near.

it's almost here.
oh God i'm feeling this
Dad,i'm gonna miss you sooo much :'(
I won't be seeing you after
this Tuesday.
the tickets for raya is still available
and PLEASE confirm our holidays early
dear college! :'(

Block B HaloTeaser

these guys are SHAZAYUM! go P.O, go P.O! wootwoot! lulz fangirling -_-

hmm hmm.

it's morning.
like freaking 4 am.
and i'm not sleepy -_-

oh well.

g'night ya'll.
peace out.

ladies night?

i miss my ladies :'(
they are like my cherry blossoms
like smart to my ees
like baby to my blue
and especially
red to my bull.
erghhh -_-

the longest girlfriend ever stayed with me
since primary :'<
i miss you like hell ALLIZA ALI 
ever since you've went,
i rarely went out nowadays.
i miss you a lotlotlot.

and you my baby NORAINNA IDRIS  
we're like the greatest neighbor ever!
always cia me :) i love you babes.

she's like, the dorkiest friend i've ever had
yet she's the genius among all of them haha.
i love you so much dear :)

after school break we haven't
got the chance to see each other.
quite upset about that tho. but it's okay.
see me in KL dear haha.

she is like, a big sister to me
i love her and she's so sweet to me :')
sorry dear SORFINA SAFRI  i can't go with you
but we can still contact each other.
and don't laugh to much again. haha :D

and yesss i can't forget about HER,
SHE's like,the grooviest DIVA ever!
i love HER so damn much!
i miss you my GIRL :D

of course i don't forget about the others
i just don't have pics of you guys :<
don't worry mi girlfriends i'll always remember you guys ;D

ever since my girlfriends started their studies first,
i rarely hang out now.
fairly,because i have no one to hang out with :'(
 i'll be going myself in less than a week now
and i'll spend lesser with them.
i hope you guys forever remember me as much as i will :')