new place.

i'm in the middle of one of 
the busiest city in malaysia ever.
yes ya'll.
i can't believe i'm finally here.
just yesterday i play the net inside my room
playing with my beloved stray cats Adot and Aneng
and most importantly,my home.

thank Goodness my mom came along
so my worries are quite less.
hopefully i cam adapt to this place quickly.
and no stupid people asking bout stupid questions.
i fucking hate racist.

more post next time. wanna go down stairs and see whats up.
chiow :)

my hometown.

alright. i was surveying my Facebook
and then suddenly my notification brighten
(yes i is currently a loner -__-)
it turns out to be 
an update from one of my friend's
(credits goes to you,hun *muahmuah*)
about my sweet hometown sarawak :3
yes people, my SUH-RAW-ACK for those who can't read >:/
her latest entry interested me a lot
and i can't agree enough with her.

i have been thinking about this
for a long time since wayyy back when i was 13.
yes people,i am a deep and unforgotten thinker.
or as sarawakians say it, ITOK.
i notice that they always
came up asking the same question over and over.
here are some random question we often get
and MY (later) answers for them.

"datang pakai ape?"

we used jet skis and cruises. wtf is a plane?

"tinggal atas pokok ke?"

uhhh no. we don't have houses. only hotels.

"pernah makan burger tak?"

i bet you never taste fish.

"pandai cakap melayu tak?"

pardon me,is that even ENGLISH?

"pernah datang cni tak?(peninsular)"

nope. i've only been to overseas and this place is so damn HOT >:/

"orang sarawak pakai cawat eh?"

erhhh aren't those what women uses on particular days? -_-

"orang sarawak cantik2 lah."
(i've heard this myself and was quite satiesfied wahaha x)

so that's its. i wonder what adventures i'll be facing later woohooo :D

it's getting near.

it's almost here.
oh God i'm feeling this
Dad,i'm gonna miss you sooo much :'(
I won't be seeing you after
this Tuesday.
the tickets for raya is still available
and PLEASE confirm our holidays early
dear college! :'(

Block B HaloTeaser

these guys are SHAZAYUM! go P.O, go P.O! wootwoot! lulz fangirling -_-

hmm hmm.

it's morning.
like freaking 4 am.
and i'm not sleepy -_-

oh well.

g'night ya'll.
peace out.

ladies night?

i miss my ladies :'(
they are like my cherry blossoms
like smart to my ees
like baby to my blue
and especially
red to my bull.
erghhh -_-

the longest girlfriend ever stayed with me
since primary :'<
i miss you like hell ALLIZA ALI 
ever since you've went,
i rarely went out nowadays.
i miss you a lotlotlot.

and you my baby NORAINNA IDRIS  
we're like the greatest neighbor ever!
always cia me :) i love you babes.

she's like, the dorkiest friend i've ever had
yet she's the genius among all of them haha.
i love you so much dear :)

after school break we haven't
got the chance to see each other.
quite upset about that tho. but it's okay.
see me in KL dear haha.

she is like, a big sister to me
i love her and she's so sweet to me :')
sorry dear SORFINA SAFRI  i can't go with you
but we can still contact each other.
and don't laugh to much again. haha :D

and yesss i can't forget about HER,
SHE's like,the grooviest DIVA ever!
i love HER so damn much!
i miss you my GIRL :D

of course i don't forget about the others
i just don't have pics of you guys :<
don't worry mi girlfriends i'll always remember you guys ;D

ever since my girlfriends started their studies first,
i rarely hang out now.
fairly,because i have no one to hang out with :'(
 i'll be going myself in less than a week now
and i'll spend lesser with them.
i hope you guys forever remember me as much as i will :')

a clon?

so here's a new K-pop group
that debuted over a month ago
which called
Block B

from what i know
this is a Hip Hop based group
and i have to say
their songs are very catchy and nice
and yes,my eyes are positive -0.00 degree both side
that one of the guy
looks like my hubby T.O.P!
 (not alike,freaking clon O.o)

he's looks sooo cool me likey :D

his stage name is P.O (isn't it almost the same?)
i was shocked
like literally stunned by him
cause his voice
is so damn similar!
and yes,totally melted me :P

here's what they look like
kinda charismatic don't you think? P.O is far right hehe

and what's shocking me more
is that he's only
a year older than me +o+
he's the youngest in the group
yet he looks like one of the oldest haha.

anyhow,i'm looking forward for this rookies
they impress me a lot ^-^
and yes,i'm developing a new crush yaww.

he's so hot he's so hot 

its all about him (:

i've wrote this once during my old blog days
it's about the kind of guy i like (:

the title seems like i have a boyfriend aite?
hehe well...
aww shucks..
ermm.. hehehehehe
yes no.
not yet.

in this post i'm gonna talk about
the typical kind of guy that girls often dreamed about.
one :
two :
a lil' heavy in the pocket.
(ya know what i'm sayin. ka-ching ka-ching )
three :
good looking.
freaking good looking.
four :
five :
six :
and that's pretty much it,right?
for me,it's a slighty different (:

one :
good looks 
two :
fair skin
three :
taller than me
four :
sharp eyes
five :
husky deep romantic voice 
six :
treat me like a duchess (wha a princess? i'm not a child okay)
seven :
entertains me with his silliness 
eight :
understands me well
nine :
funny and humorous
ten :
love me for who i am (:

can i have a guy exactly like him? 



there's this one thing
about songs that people need to know.
first : the lyric
second : the meaning
third : the title
fourth : the singer

as you all can hear right now
(if not then DON'T i won't let ya hear my musics)
i kinda like songs that are down to earth or
bubbly and all cheerful type.
like,c'mon now.
hearing them makes you feel happy is it??
or is not? fine.

some songs nowadays,often misleading its meaning
bla bla bla the singer says its for inner peace or they're personal life or whatever
but must you put alcohols and sex in it?
why is the freaking music video looks so naughty??
i'm not gonna say what songs these are cause you literally KNOW
what songs are these.
i'm kinda dissapointed :/
kids these days learn bad things
through what they see and hear.

not saying i hate 'em. i like these songs. they're catchy
 but singers and composers should consider
their lyrics content before publishing it -___-

p/s :
the reason i'm writing this is because one time i got
scold for watching MTV/V/HITZ.TV in front of the freaking childeren -___-
my teenage soul is bursting with anger erhh.

second account.

this is my second account and
will be my MAIN account
since my old baby got hacked with virus :'(
tried to make it look similar like the old one
and i hope no more bullshit virus attacks again.

peace out sweetheart.