a clon?

so here's a new K-pop group
that debuted over a month ago
which called
Block B

from what i know
this is a Hip Hop based group
and i have to say
their songs are very catchy and nice
and yes,my eyes are positive -0.00 degree both side
that one of the guy
looks like my hubby T.O.P!
 (not alike,freaking clon O.o)

he's looks sooo cool me likey :D

his stage name is P.O (isn't it almost the same?)
i was shocked
like literally stunned by him
cause his voice
is so damn similar!
and yes,totally melted me :P

here's what they look like
kinda charismatic don't you think? P.O is far right hehe

and what's shocking me more
is that he's only
a year older than me +o+
he's the youngest in the group
yet he looks like one of the oldest haha.

anyhow,i'm looking forward for this rookies
they impress me a lot ^-^
and yes,i'm developing a new crush yaww.

he's so hot he's so hot