its all about him (:

i've wrote this once during my old blog days
it's about the kind of guy i like (:

the title seems like i have a boyfriend aite?
hehe well...
aww shucks..
ermm.. hehehehehe
yes no.
not yet.

in this post i'm gonna talk about
the typical kind of guy that girls often dreamed about.
one :
two :
a lil' heavy in the pocket.
(ya know what i'm sayin. ka-ching ka-ching )
three :
good looking.
freaking good looking.
four :
five :
six :
and that's pretty much it,right?
for me,it's a slighty different (:

one :
good looks 
two :
fair skin
three :
taller than me
four :
sharp eyes
five :
husky deep romantic voice 
six :
treat me like a duchess (wha a princess? i'm not a child okay)
seven :
entertains me with his silliness 
eight :
understands me well
nine :
funny and humorous
ten :
love me for who i am (:

can i have a guy exactly like him?