ladies night?

i miss my ladies :'(
they are like my cherry blossoms
like smart to my ees
like baby to my blue
and especially
red to my bull.
erghhh -_-

the longest girlfriend ever stayed with me
since primary :'<
i miss you like hell ALLIZA ALI 
ever since you've went,
i rarely went out nowadays.
i miss you a lotlotlot.

and you my baby NORAINNA IDRIS  
we're like the greatest neighbor ever!
always cia me :) i love you babes.

she's like, the dorkiest friend i've ever had
yet she's the genius among all of them haha.
i love you so much dear :)

after school break we haven't
got the chance to see each other.
quite upset about that tho. but it's okay.
see me in KL dear haha.

she is like, a big sister to me
i love her and she's so sweet to me :')
sorry dear SORFINA SAFRI  i can't go with you
but we can still contact each other.
and don't laugh to much again. haha :D

and yesss i can't forget about HER,
SHE's like,the grooviest DIVA ever!
i love HER so damn much!
i miss you my GIRL :D

of course i don't forget about the others
i just don't have pics of you guys :<
don't worry mi girlfriends i'll always remember you guys ;D

ever since my girlfriends started their studies first,
i rarely hang out now.
fairly,because i have no one to hang out with :'(
 i'll be going myself in less than a week now
and i'll spend lesser with them.
i hope you guys forever remember me as much as i will :')