there's this one thing
about songs that people need to know.
first : the lyric
second : the meaning
third : the title
fourth : the singer

as you all can hear right now
(if not then DON'T i won't let ya hear my musics)
i kinda like songs that are down to earth or
bubbly and all cheerful type.
like,c'mon now.
hearing them makes you feel happy is it??
or is not? fine.

some songs nowadays,often misleading its meaning
bla bla bla the singer says its for inner peace or they're personal life or whatever
but must you put alcohols and sex in it?
why is the freaking music video looks so naughty??
i'm not gonna say what songs these are cause you literally KNOW
what songs are these.
i'm kinda dissapointed :/
kids these days learn bad things
through what they see and hear.

not saying i hate 'em. i like these songs. they're catchy
 but singers and composers should consider
their lyrics content before publishing it -___-

p/s :
the reason i'm writing this is because one time i got
scold for watching MTV/V/HITZ.TV in front of the freaking childeren -___-
my teenage soul is bursting with anger erhh.