my hometown.

alright. i was surveying my Facebook
and then suddenly my notification brighten
(yes i is currently a loner -__-)
it turns out to be 
an update from one of my friend's
(credits goes to you,hun *muahmuah*)
about my sweet hometown sarawak :3
yes people, my SUH-RAW-ACK for those who can't read >:/
her latest entry interested me a lot
and i can't agree enough with her.

i have been thinking about this
for a long time since wayyy back when i was 13.
yes people,i am a deep and unforgotten thinker.
or as sarawakians say it, ITOK.
i notice that they always
came up asking the same question over and over.
here are some random question we often get
and MY (later) answers for them.

"datang pakai ape?"

we used jet skis and cruises. wtf is a plane?

"tinggal atas pokok ke?"

uhhh no. we don't have houses. only hotels.

"pernah makan burger tak?"

i bet you never taste fish.

"pandai cakap melayu tak?"

pardon me,is that even ENGLISH?

"pernah datang cni tak?(peninsular)"

nope. i've only been to overseas and this place is so damn HOT >:/

"orang sarawak pakai cawat eh?"

erhhh aren't those what women uses on particular days? -_-

"orang sarawak cantik2 lah."
(i've heard this myself and was quite satiesfied wahaha x)

so that's its. i wonder what adventures i'll be facing later woohooo :D