i was like.
this college is like an office!
the building looks so unlike a college haha.
i loike :))
with the orange-ish and gray-ish colour,the building looks like a complex lol -_-

anyways,on to the orientation week.
only 4 days i tell ya!
including registration day hahaha.
it was quite fun,like the usual orientation and the seniors are nicey
and sweet. -and cute ehem2- 
this year marks the first time for KPTM to receive over 1500 intakes!
wow i'm quite surprise really and not many TESL students,more to HR.
i spot some cute hunks too AHAAAA oh so me ;)
what's more interesting is that the great me,the ONLY sole sarawak student among them!
HAHH pecah rekod KPTM nerimak student sawak thanks to me.

the hostel,my GAWD the hostel is so quite very far :/
we have to use taxi to go to college
but you can use on feet to,it took about 15 mins.
its soooo tiring urggh. my feet feels loose :'(
but it's good,in a positive way aite?
ya know what i mean *winkwink*

my house consist of 3 rooms,3 shower rooms 
and a big study space w/ tables and chairs.
and a balcony haha :D
my house is on the third floor,right in front of the stairs.
lucky me my room only need 2 people weee :3
the others are 4.
me and my housemates get along quite well lol 
since all of us are strangers to each other
even our language barrier seems thin.
i like them :))

oh so tired. dah lah. later on i'll chit chat again bout my college life. badan kepak :'<