permulaan :)

cam best jak kelas aku doh haha.
it's been a week
i've started my class
and so far is sooo damn good.
well,for now.
i love my course so much
cause i get to use English as many as i want
without looking like a freak
talking foreign to my classmates.
and yes my classmates do rock,too :D

meet Zee and Dila :)

haha Alin what are you doing?

si Kiki and Syira yg comel :D

i'll insert a bit bout how my college looks like
and some details i've already said in my
previous post. cekidaut ya'all haha. lol.

and my roommate,Eydaa hehe :D the free hair one lah.

twija juak aku tek nak masok haha xD