just a dream.

i was thinking bout HIM,
thinking bout me,
thinking bout US,
what we gonna be
open my eyes
hoping you're not a DREAM..

i've been like this ever since the last time i met that unknown guy.
the tall-spectacle eyes-nice figure guy.
(duhhh i won't be thinking bout him if his physical were like my 16 y.o bro -_-)

i even made a statement in my facebook that,
if i ever meet him again
i'll try to ask his name.
the LEAST.
his silhouette really stuck in my mind.
yet i don't even know what he looks like.
haissss :/

pray next time i WON'T be seeing him
cause i know i might just pass him by like a boss stranger.
hee (:

i wanna tell him (:

sincerely, me.

i miss them :(

only a few days left for raya.
and here i am
still typing this blog and sitting
reading my notes for exam tomo.
i'm not coming home.

i wanna go home.
i wanna see my family.
i wanna see my friends.
i want THEM.

i'm speechless for now.
thank God tinggal 1 exam jak.
wish me luck dears.

bits of me (:

Eydaa and Sophie (:

my beloved housies <3

charlie's angels? LOL.

happy birthday Tyra :D

I wasn't there at that time ): so rugi of me.

my classies! Aan, Nana, Dee, and some person.

Ell, Sophie, Tyra and Lila-> ex housie. How darest you, Lila >:(

With Sheerin YAAAAA and again, some chinese looking girl.

aaaaa. oops? :>

The 2nd day of Ramadhan I made my "statement". I'm a muslim,dammit >:/

waiting for breaking fast at Jusco :D

Ell's selca. Lololol at the gray girl. BAHHH.

Beloving mama and cousin, Emma :D

more pics of my life to come, SOON :D
chiow bebeh muahmuah!

LIKE this (:

Thanks alot Petty!
i really REALLY love this post
and i somehow want to be like this.

it's hard nowadays,
always relying on others
and hoping people do things for
and vice versa.

i want my independence.


now i'm feeling what my
mum usually feels.
i miss her.
i miss home.
i miss my relatives.
my friends.
and of course,
my sweet hometown.

i'm so sorry loves,
i can't go back for now )':
its not that i don't want to
but i can't.

but don't you guys worry
i'll be fine here
and i'll take extra extra care of myself.
i'm not gonna repeat the same mistakes
i've done before.
if i have to become a loner
for me to protect myself from misunderstands and troubles,
i WILL do it.
i'm not afraid.
i have my faith to keep going on.
people who afraid losses lots of things.

it's not that i want to be anti-social,
you just have to understand my situation.
i don't trust people no matter how close i am to them.
unless i've known you for more than i could remember.

thank God i'm blessed with nice people.
and i hope these nice people won't
turn their back on me because,
i NEED you guys to guide me
in this unfamiliar place )':
i beg of you.

thank you.


2 weeks i haven't go back.
cousins are asking when will i
back home.
sabar keyhhhh hehehe :D
this week was awsume!
5 people at home feels kinda nice sometimes hehe (:

it's RAMADHAN (':

it's been a month already i'm here.
mum has gone back hometown.
quite sad actually.
but what can i do?
my job here is to make the best out of my life.
my last mission before
i could finally make my parents happy and proud (:

it's already the fasting month!
and i haven't update my baby for quite a while.

like seriously,
it doesn't feel like ramadhan at all -_-
i have to say
this place is very...
just yesterday i ate and
laugh like a mad person
and suddenly today
i became some quiet girl-next-door.
very unusual haha.

but still i manage to fulfill today's...
today. haa.
( is that even english? )
nevertheless it's good and
the bazaar was nice and such.
except the bazaar was unexpectedly small :/
hmm. x cukup bajet.

i met my A.N today weeeeee xD
actually i see him every week but today was
quite a lot that usual.
hehehehe :P

unfortunately my points
for A.N have decreased :'(
why baby, why? erggh.
not all man is perfect,Lysa.
(kau ya pemileh glak >.>)

right now people are solat terawih and
me instead writing craps about my guy -___-
well,girls never learn ;D
hehehehe <3

p/s : i miss you mama :') 
and my hubby cat Adot finally came back home! awww :'D