bits of me (:

Eydaa and Sophie (:

my beloved housies <3

charlie's angels? LOL.

happy birthday Tyra :D

I wasn't there at that time ): so rugi of me.

my classies! Aan, Nana, Dee, and some person.

Ell, Sophie, Tyra and Lila-> ex housie. How darest you, Lila >:(

With Sheerin YAAAAA and again, some chinese looking girl.

aaaaa. oops? :>

The 2nd day of Ramadhan I made my "statement". I'm a muslim,dammit >:/

waiting for breaking fast at Jusco :D

Ell's selca. Lololol at the gray girl. BAHHH.

Beloving mama and cousin, Emma :D

more pics of my life to come, SOON :D
chiow bebeh muahmuah!