now i'm feeling what my
mum usually feels.
i miss her.
i miss home.
i miss my relatives.
my friends.
and of course,
my sweet hometown.

i'm so sorry loves,
i can't go back for now )':
its not that i don't want to
but i can't.

but don't you guys worry
i'll be fine here
and i'll take extra extra care of myself.
i'm not gonna repeat the same mistakes
i've done before.
if i have to become a loner
for me to protect myself from misunderstands and troubles,
i WILL do it.
i'm not afraid.
i have my faith to keep going on.
people who afraid losses lots of things.

it's not that i want to be anti-social,
you just have to understand my situation.
i don't trust people no matter how close i am to them.
unless i've known you for more than i could remember.

thank God i'm blessed with nice people.
and i hope these nice people won't
turn their back on me because,
i NEED you guys to guide me
in this unfamiliar place )':
i beg of you.

thank you.