it's RAMADHAN (':

it's been a month already i'm here.
mum has gone back hometown.
quite sad actually.
but what can i do?
my job here is to make the best out of my life.
my last mission before
i could finally make my parents happy and proud (:

it's already the fasting month!
and i haven't update my baby for quite a while.

like seriously,
it doesn't feel like ramadhan at all -_-
i have to say
this place is very...
just yesterday i ate and
laugh like a mad person
and suddenly today
i became some quiet girl-next-door.
very unusual haha.

but still i manage to fulfill today's...
today. haa.
( is that even english? )
nevertheless it's good and
the bazaar was nice and such.
except the bazaar was unexpectedly small :/
hmm. x cukup bajet.

i met my A.N today weeeeee xD
actually i see him every week but today was
quite a lot that usual.
hehehehe :P

unfortunately my points
for A.N have decreased :'(
why baby, why? erggh.
not all man is perfect,Lysa.
(kau ya pemileh glak >.>)

right now people are solat terawih and
me instead writing craps about my guy -___-
well,girls never learn ;D
hehehehe <3

p/s : i miss you mama :') 
and my hubby cat Adot finally came back home! awww :'D