hee (:

yesterday was fun!
thank you Ajim and Vincent for yesterday.
i love it so much,although i look boring and stuff.
(what can you expect from a lonely girl walking w/o her gfriends?)
and thanks Ajim for the Sushi King treat :D
and met that Syamsul Yusof(?) person lol.
sitting just the next table with us.
he's hot,but cocky :/

They played bowling ( i just sat and watch :>) and then walk around
go to Low Yat.
yes,its was freakin raining. no not freakin.
just raining droplets but still. it RAINED.
and i had headache the rest of the time.
dh la at Low Yat so many people,got my headache,
makin penin :(

then went to Sungei Wang kejap.
my headache disappeared :D
shoes and shoes and hello kitties

Anyhow,i had fun. Really (:
Thanks guys! muahmuah :D