it's soooo cozy and comfy!
i need to think of some good ideas of what to put into my blog.
well,i get to drive the car.
and that's pleasant.
and i get to eat what i've been carving to eat.
and that's unpleasant lol.
#haven't been home for a week yet i gain weight fast. ohmyohmy.
just enjoying my holidays home,
i feel so fresh and alive :)
i love home.

dreaming for a house like this. YAWWW  

i'm coming HOME :D

oyeahh. I'm waiting for this ((:

its been 2 years (:

i'm happy (:
when that time finally comes.
when my heart truly ready to open up,
it will find its way to search the other one.
when that time does come,
please oh please brain don't screw it up >_<

i'm waiting for Four-Eyes hehe.

goodbye baby :)

i don't know why.
i keep thinking about you recently.
each and everyday since the first time i saw you,
i keep wanting to see you.
to find you.
you're like a mystery ya know?
invincible yet noticeable.
i can't help feeling your silent aura.
and each time you pass by,
i can't dare myself for a double take.
you're too good for a teenage look.
i might make myself sound like a stalker,
but honestly.
my days of seeing you can be count with both hands
during this whole semester.
i don't care if you don't know me,
nor you have a girlfriend.
i just want to know one thing.
your name.
because your name means everything for
my desire to know you deeper.

next semester,if i am able to find you,
this time,no more running away.
i WILL ask you your name,
the one i've been wanting to know since
day first (:

never an end (:

it's finally here guys.
what we've started has finally come to its end.
Semester 1 has finished
and slowly,
one by one of us are going home.
From the start,
we slowly get to know each other,
the ups and downs we face each and everyday together.
The small misunderstandings and upsets,
all of this build up lots of sweet memories among us.

From the beginning,
i always thought that i will and always will be an outsider.
My appearance,my race,especially my place
is different from you guys.
The thought of you guys mocking and bullying me
always came across my mind before i came here.
(and truthfully after,too.)

i was wrong.
you guys are one of the best people i've met here.
you guys took good care of me,
even though sometimes i tend to disappear a lot :P
although i'm a lot different than you guys,
you see me as i am.
Accept me as i is.
i appreciate that a lot.
Because of you guys,i feel safe.
I'm so far away from home,
and my needs for attention is desirably high.
Because of you guys,i never felt alone (:

Sheerin Yaa ( Eeyin ) : the PERASAN one.
Nurul Hidayah ( Eydaa ) : the BISING one.
Ainnin Sophia ( Sopia ) : the PAMPER one.
Athira ( Tyra ) : the SILENT one.
Nur Ellina ( Ell ) : the CRAZY one.
me? : the COOLEST one. kahkahkah tipu jer. kot :P

sumpah cakap,aku taknak tuka org next sem :<
lets stick together kay?
Walaupun maybe we all are not in the same course and sections next year,
we will always remember each other :')
i love you guys to infinity and beyond 


in study mode.
enuff' said.
i'm busy busy busy :D

what she said >:P
padahal salu ada jak kelua kahkah.
chiow :>