goodbye baby :)

i don't know why.
i keep thinking about you recently.
each and everyday since the first time i saw you,
i keep wanting to see you.
to find you.
you're like a mystery ya know?
invincible yet noticeable.
i can't help feeling your silent aura.
and each time you pass by,
i can't dare myself for a double take.
you're too good for a teenage look.
i might make myself sound like a stalker,
but honestly.
my days of seeing you can be count with both hands
during this whole semester.
i don't care if you don't know me,
nor you have a girlfriend.
i just want to know one thing.
your name.
because your name means everything for
my desire to know you deeper.

next semester,if i am able to find you,
this time,no more running away.
i WILL ask you your name,
the one i've been wanting to know since
day first (: