my parents just got home last night.
was super super happy :D
but then,
just as mum step in the house.
she scold me.
"why is the floor look dirty?"
"what's with this pile of cloths?"
"you know we're coming,why didn't clean the house?"

i DID,mum.
it's not like i can help it
since your son keep making a mess
each time he's home.
that rascal.
LIPAT BAJU YA! Agik asa kau.

Enough mumbling.
finally,mum bought what i wanted.
Lots and lots and lotssssss of 'em.
i'm in total heaven :'D
Thanks mum,and dad 'fcourse.
You guys came home safely,with nenek.
Last night was one of my best sleep ever.
Heee,never thought I would woke up
at 5 pm.
Heeeeee :D

nomnomnom :3