Damn shits.

i've been single for
like almost 2 years now
and i need a clear explanation,
on why,
must i have a partner when
i'm doing alright by myself?

seriously though.

i have friends,and lots of them
are already in a relationship
but most of my good friends,
and prettier than i am,
are like single for no specific reason.
You may ask why?
Cause we're cool.

pffft oh hell yeah.
It's simple.
we're not those type 
of people who,
may i say,
desperate? ummm. no.
cheap? well,almost.
too hot?

I value my heart,you dumbshit.
I don't love people like
I just met two days ago
and go crazy because I look
easy and shit.
couple today,break off tomorrow.
Then day after,new partner.
what the fuck are you doing?

You think your some kind of a hot stuff
or something?
Cause seriously though 
I find it amusing :\
and I can't help thinking
"sluts these days..."

That one is for being cheap,
now this one,
I have no other reasons to give two fucks for you,
Yes,you home wrecker
you piece of shit.
Acting all bitchy and stuff for messing
people who are already in a commitment.

Basically,i hate sluts.
no matter what gender you are but if
you are similar to what i
just described above,
for breaking other people's fragile heart,
Fuck you.