home alone 5. i guess.

This is the..
5th day i'm home without my parents.
Yes ya'll.
i'm still ALIVE.

and i can't sleep in peace ever since Q__Q
my mum went to Brunei on the 2th Dec,
along with her sisters to visit one of their sibling.
Heard my cousin is about to deliver her baby :D
chulkahaeee *lolkoreafail*
meanwhile my father,on the other hand,
went to Mukah,alone,have some things to do with his siblings.
it is left me with my brother home.

...is what you think i'm gonna say right?
fuck that shit HELL NO.

i'm bored like so damn bored.
why? because my dad use the car and bring it along.
and the other car is solely a property of
my brother now.
Even though i can use it, (well,i am the older sister,brahh)
it's manual. and that car's OLD.
i don't wanna risk my life.

However,because of these situation
where i have no transportation of myself whatsoever,
my brother,a.k.a my servant,
will have to serve my need as my driver.
But still,he'a part-timer at night
and the only time he's available of
becoming my driver is evening.

ma and pa hurry come back.
i need the car >:\
and i'm tired being a temporary "housewife".
Seriously,that dude think he's an artist or whatnot??
Changing clothes each morning,afternoon,evening and freaking night.
I'm not your maid,idiot >:|

And of course,i miss youuuu mum and dad.
Ma! Buy me some chocolates ahh.
Brunei got some really realllly good chocolates :D
Ouhaiii. time to go.