2 Weeks.

it's been almost 2 weeks i'm at Penang
and a lot of good things
have happened.
I went to here and there,
and even made new friends!
I'm a bit lazy to update on this one 
so I'll just let you guys
read the rest of my
story on my friend's blog :))


Hey hey!
I'm now currently in Penangggg!
Doh mai penang x sah dok makan nasi kandaq!
lol,trying to fake a penang accent -fail-
and i haven't taste nasi kandar yet -facepalm-

 It's been 3 days I'm here,
and honestly,I had a really good time.
I dunno when will I go back KL
maybe next week or something :/
Although penang is fun,
it's hot like hell!
Not literally hell,lol i'd be dead then -_-
here are some of the pictures taken 
all the while I've stayed here :3

Liyana Jamel,my dear friend whom brought me here :3

Soooo pretty *cries*.

And also,
I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my
old best friend, Bom!
Yes,my birthday was yesterday.
Happy Birthday to ME :D
weeeee haven't seen her
like almost a year :'D
Me and Yana
promised to see her yesterday
and she doesn't even notice it's my birthdate.
hahahaha stupid Bom :')
seriously,how could you? *sobs.

Anyway,here's how it goes.

those whipped shakes are heaven *_*

nomnomnom! thanks Bom and Yana for the treat :D

Defuq happened to this pic??

I had such great fun here.
I even went to the beach today! Hehe.

Sooo windy!

That's all fer today!
Malas dh mok tetaip tok. Kbais :*
Xoxo, me.


Yesterday finally got my braces!
It looked so real but seriously,
it's actually a fake.
Yes,fake braces are REAL :3
And I ordered a pair a week ago.
Actually,I ordered a purple code color
but that
"orang hantaran" -lol i don't whats it called in English
mistakenly gave the wrong color!
Instead of nice red/purple-ish color
that person gave me yellow!

At first I was kinda reluctant to wear it
because.. Defuq man,yellow braces? On my teeth?
Hell NO.
But think again,
I already paid for that braces,
and good news is that person
said she/he/whatever will give
a refund :DD
I'll get my purple braces sooon!
So by the mean time I'll use the yellow first
just to try and fit it in my mouth,
see if it looks ok or not on me.
( i meant the braced teeth )

The first day took me longggg enough to actually put it
on just the upper teeth.
Serious saying,it was damn hard. And hurts )':
My gum bleed a little,but not so painful
so I'm fine with it. All and all,first day was a failure lulz.

The next,I FINALLY managed to put and fit it to my teeth!
Was soooo happy cause I was able to
measure the length of my teeth correctly,or else
it would be a waste of my money.
And the same goes to my lower teeth.
It did kinda loosen up a bit 
when talking or smiling and sometimes went
far up/down to my gums but I can manage that ;]

Soooo here's the look! Ok or not ma?

My usual smiles before the braces came.

Kinda satisfied with it. But not gonna use it so often.
It hurts my teeth if I use it too long. Especially NOT for eating!
Guess that's all aliens,daa~

Final exam semester 2.

May, my month of life (:
 Because of you dear May,I suffer
extreme loneliness ever since middle school.
My birthday, which happens to be in the middle
of May, is also the month of exams.
I, as a true Taurus, hence
feel the need to be loved
and cared deeply on my particular day.
But then..

What to do ma?
Exam lagi penting woo.
Future manyak bright-bright.
Bepday bole buat hali lain.
Kan maaaaa?

Anyways,enough babbling.
I'm in the middle of taking my final exam,
so most of the time :
1. I spend hanging out at the cafe
2. Sleep very late at night
3. Gossiping with my housemates
4. Eat ice cream.

Life's good (:

Name's Billy dude.

Wordless Wednesday (:

i eat a lot! (:

Ball of Fur (:

We're having a new pet!
At first my intention was getting a lil kitty
since,well, i'm a cat lover duhh.
So one day,my college made
a big event,a carnival!
One of the events was cat exhibition.
What's exciting is that those cats,
and kittens,
are for ADOPTIONS!
Awhhh those lil kittens
are just so damn cute!
I wanna adopt one or two,
but unfortunately i was late.
Like,miliseconds late )':
Had to say bye bye to that white-fured-crystal-blue-eyed kitty )':

I think my housemate noticed my gloomy aura.
Days later,guess what she bought?
It's sooooo cute!
She named it Billy, a male baby bunbun :3
We all love him soooo much!
Small,fluffy and active :D
Ever since Billy came into our house,
it felt less boring,
ya know?
Later on I'll post pictures of dear Billy Boo.

berhabuk sudehh.

WARNING : This post is in extreme sarawak language. Whoever that does not understand,I'm sorry. Kbai.

Nang udah lamak mena ku ngaco blog aku tok.
Sori lah takorg nok nangga blog aku,
p xda papa.
Bukan malas mok update,
xda masa nak molah -_-
I really think I should buy me a broadband
for the time being.
X nyaman sa nyawa ku make
org mpun brg.
Mena x?

Alu udah cita ku tok.
Xda idea ._.

Mun da papa lak la ku ngkah nya.
Mun rajin lah.
my current favourite song! 

p/s : my T.O.P baby smoking those green eyes. *melts


kehkehkehkeh. me gusta 

chinese new year.

my saddest CNY ever.
I see no fireworks at all.
no sound of the dancing lion,
the "Gong Xi Gong Xi" greetings,
and of course,

How i miss the time
where dad used to take us family go celebrate
the CNY at his friend's house.
And that nice uncle would give us angpau
and eat many2 yummy food.

And when it's almost midnight,
the night would be filled with
fireworks banging,
all colourful,sparkly and loud.
They would start their festive,
by cracking the whole,
i mean the whole sand-bag-ish like firecrackers.
One time during either CNY/Raya
I got firework sparks in my eye while
looking straight above my head.
It hurts but not much.
I guess my neighbors enjoy
their festive way too much,
but i like it (:

I miss the festive season back home,
it seems more..
Dawhh,no place like home it is.

p/s : Our beloved family cat, Bujang died last night.
He's my baby,and forever will be.

He was sleeping. I was about to go in a few days.

When he was still a fluffy kitten. And lively (':

I'm gonna miss you,sweetheart. Rest in peace (':


i think an angel just help me yesterday.
i still can't stop smiling each time i think about yesterday.
yesterday was FRIDAY.
Morning,almost afternoon.
Around 11.30 i guess.
Akak,helped my problem.

I finally know his name.
and his course and age(i think)

his name is ADI.
he takes account for his studies.
and he's in semester 2.

I'm too excited to write more. Au revoir ;D

i'm going.

Dear mum and dad,
i'm sorry for all the things i've caused.
All the while you raised me as your child.
I,as the only daughter,
and the eldest,
should give really good examples toward
my brother.
I am clumsy,sometimes too naughty,
and can be very stubborn.
I am not good with gadgets and I mean literally,
I scratched you car.
not once,twice either.
but LOTS.
I'm so,so,sooo sorry.
I can't say my sorry now.
Cause I'm too scared.
I'm afraid you'll cry again just like the last time
I hit the front bumper by accident
and it got wrecked for good ):
I feel guilty and now,
I scratched the back side of your car
for trying to reverse park the first time.
I'll make it up to you someday,mum.
I'll buy you a new car,both you and dad.
I promise.

And tonight is my last night I'm
sleeping in my own bed.
Mum's sleeping next to me,
somehow,I fell like crying.
I don't like this feeling at all.
Mum,pray for your daughter's safety and health.
You told me to start wearing hijab from now on.
I will,mum. I'll try.
I love you mum and dad.
I'll study hard and get enough money
to buy both of you new stuff
and gadgets.
Dad once told me he wants a DSLR camera.
Mum keeps losing her phone.
Heh,it runs in your blood mum (':

I'm gonna miss you.
Until the end of the year,gdbye loves.