i'm going.

Dear mum and dad,
i'm sorry for all the things i've caused.
All the while you raised me as your child.
I,as the only daughter,
and the eldest,
should give really good examples toward
my brother.
I am clumsy,sometimes too naughty,
and can be very stubborn.
I am not good with gadgets and I mean literally,
I scratched you car.
not once,twice either.
but LOTS.
I'm so,so,sooo sorry.
I can't say my sorry now.
Cause I'm too scared.
I'm afraid you'll cry again just like the last time
I hit the front bumper by accident
and it got wrecked for good ):
I feel guilty and now,
I scratched the back side of your car
for trying to reverse park the first time.
I'll make it up to you someday,mum.
I'll buy you a new car,both you and dad.
I promise.

And tonight is my last night I'm
sleeping in my own bed.
Mum's sleeping next to me,
somehow,I fell like crying.
I don't like this feeling at all.
Mum,pray for your daughter's safety and health.
You told me to start wearing hijab from now on.
I will,mum. I'll try.
I love you mum and dad.
I'll study hard and get enough money
to buy both of you new stuff
and gadgets.
Dad once told me he wants a DSLR camera.
Mum keeps losing her phone.
Heh,it runs in your blood mum (':

I'm gonna miss you.
Until the end of the year,gdbye loves.