Ball of Fur (:

We're having a new pet!
At first my intention was getting a lil kitty
since,well, i'm a cat lover duhh.
So one day,my college made
a big event,a carnival!
One of the events was cat exhibition.
What's exciting is that those cats,
and kittens,
are for ADOPTIONS!
Awhhh those lil kittens
are just so damn cute!
I wanna adopt one or two,
but unfortunately i was late.
Like,miliseconds late )':
Had to say bye bye to that white-fured-crystal-blue-eyed kitty )':

I think my housemate noticed my gloomy aura.
Days later,guess what she bought?
It's sooooo cute!
She named it Billy, a male baby bunbun :3
We all love him soooo much!
Small,fluffy and active :D
Ever since Billy came into our house,
it felt less boring,
ya know?
Later on I'll post pictures of dear Billy Boo.