Final exam semester 2.

May, my month of life (:
 Because of you dear May,I suffer
extreme loneliness ever since middle school.
My birthday, which happens to be in the middle
of May, is also the month of exams.
I, as a true Taurus, hence
feel the need to be loved
and cared deeply on my particular day.
But then..

What to do ma?
Exam lagi penting woo.
Future manyak bright-bright.
Bepday bole buat hali lain.
Kan maaaaa?

Anyways,enough babbling.
I'm in the middle of taking my final exam,
so most of the time :
1. I spend hanging out at the cafe
2. Sleep very late at night
3. Gossiping with my housemates
4. Eat ice cream.

Life's good (: