Hey hey!
I'm now currently in Penangggg!
Doh mai penang x sah dok makan nasi kandaq!
lol,trying to fake a penang accent -fail-
and i haven't taste nasi kandar yet -facepalm-

 It's been 3 days I'm here,
and honestly,I had a really good time.
I dunno when will I go back KL
maybe next week or something :/
Although penang is fun,
it's hot like hell!
Not literally hell,lol i'd be dead then -_-
here are some of the pictures taken 
all the while I've stayed here :3

Liyana Jamel,my dear friend whom brought me here :3

Soooo pretty *cries*.

And also,
I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my
old best friend, Bom!
Yes,my birthday was yesterday.
Happy Birthday to ME :D
weeeee haven't seen her
like almost a year :'D
Me and Yana
promised to see her yesterday
and she doesn't even notice it's my birthdate.
hahahaha stupid Bom :')
seriously,how could you? *sobs.

Anyway,here's how it goes.

those whipped shakes are heaven *_*

nomnomnom! thanks Bom and Yana for the treat :D

Defuq happened to this pic??

I had such great fun here.
I even went to the beach today! Hehe.

Sooo windy!

That's all fer today!
Malas dh mok tetaip tok. Kbais :*
Xoxo, me.