New year, new me?

It's been like, idk, years?

Oh my God. This is like the very first time I started writing again.
It feels awkward, actually. Reading back my old posts and thinking
"I used to love writing back then... What happened?"
Right now, before anything else I wanna say.
I want to start anew. This is the year 2016.
YES. It's 2016 already, I've been gone for sooooo damn longggg :<
The reason I'm writing on my blog today is because 

I feel like I need to do something to release this lump
of frustration and sadness in me. Idk what it is, but

right now.. I don't feel like doing what I am suppose to do.
I feel slightly lost, and confuse. I'm still searching my route though,
so I should be fine soon. I think. Maybe.

But for now, let's start lightly. For today, I'll end this here.
Gosh, I feel so awkward typing this again... But it's a good feeling.
I miss being this passionate. I want to be like that again.

HA! Doing this center thing again, I never changed xD